Dramatic storytelling to powerfully position the product

Challenge: Wilson Wolf, needed to clearly communicate to the medical, research and investment communities how their disruptive cell culture technology was superior to that of other competitive technologies. Solution: Propulsion proposed to the CEO and marketing team a plan to develop a new web and digital content strategy that uniquely told their story to differentiate them from their competitors while elevating their brand.Result: Yearly web traffic increased significantly; page views increased by 490%, unique visits increased by 312%, returning visits increased 400%. Sales grew exponentially. “The Propulsion team successfully delivered on each of these needs including the development of our complete product line digital library. The "Quiet Revolution" 3D animated video they conceived and produced is an example of how Propulsion's blend of innovation and understanding of technology results in powerful and effective story telling. We have been repeatedly contacted by customers that tell us how informative and interesting the video is. Given our customers are extremely busy, taking time to reach out to compliment us on the video is indicative of the fine job Propulsion did.” John Wilson, CEO Wilson Wolf