Shock Doctor  |  Hardcore Protection. Fearless Performance.

Sustaining Shock Doctors product development pace and achieve market leadership.

Challenge: Early in the formation of Shock Doctor, they wanted to leverage one source that could keep up with their need to have high-end digital product imagery and design across all product development, marketing and sales initiatives. Solution: For over 20 years, Propulsion has been a “go-to” provider for Shock Doctors virtual imagery that supports and sustains their competitive product development pace and market leadership. Results: Shock Doctor has become the undisputed leader in mouthguard technology, the #1 mouthguard in the world and a leader in sports protection and performance around the globe. “I have been working with Propulsion for over 20 years, both in my positions as Marketing and Product Development SVP at United Sports Brands…The reason for my continuing relationship is the range of interesting and challenging and demanding projects that needed critical solutions that I could trust that Dan and his Team could solve. And they have.” J.Turkbas, SVP United Sports Brands